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Professional gardener and plantswoman writing from my small urban garden in a great city

End of the gardener’s year


And so August is over, and it’s time to start another horticultural year of work and planning for future plantings.  But here is a review of some highlights of my summer from mid May to the end of August, in my clients’ gardens, and in my own.









Happy gardening adventures for the coming horticultural year!



3 thoughts on “End of the gardener’s year

  1. Thank you Ursula.The challenge this autumn is the wildflower meadow ,it is much more difficult to pull off than the formal garden.I will start by laying bare isolated patches in the long grass and seeding those it is a 10 year project so I could be buried with the seedlings.Hope Freda has made progress and love from us .

  2. Your garden is gorgeous, Ursula! And if that a passion flower vineyard ?

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