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August review


Despite all the difficulties of Lockdown, my clients’ gardens are florishing.  Above is a particularly lavishly planted long border containing Salvia, Lavender, Sanguisorbia, Stipa gigantica and Catmint in repetition, used to great effect.  A splendid combination for a really high impact summer border.  Below are some more shots of the same garden – the long lavender beds, and the grove of silver birch, with an underplanting of a wild flower meadow.


Another border I’m very pleased with above, is now coming to two years old, and the Phlomis, Lavender, Hypericum, Coronilla, Caryopteris and Salvia/catmint palette is knitting together nicely, with a backbone of Euphorbia and Sarcoccoca.


This very large border was empty apart from Sisyrinchium and bluebells when I arrived – it is also coming up to its two years since planting, and beginning to fill out nicely.  A solid matrix of Phormium, Cistus, Mahonias and Miscanthus, are joined by nicely spreading swathes of Lychnis coronaria, Phlomis, Achillea, Salvia, Japanese anemones, and hard geraniums.


This semi-shade border, below, is now getting on for three years since planting – Hydrangea paniculata, Hebe and Cornus form an excellent backbone for hardy geraniums and hellebores and Japanese anemones.


And the border sweeps on to become a south-facing border featuring Salvia cardonna and Geranium ‘Rozanne’.

And of course the Box hedge cutting is a big feature of late June and July…here a rather lovely double bed edging of box took a good few hours to trim carefully by hand with shears, inspecting and tidying as I go!  Painstaking work, but worth it.



And finally my parents’ rather splendid Penstemon and Linaria and allium seedheads…

And my own garden….


Happy gardening and Stay Safe.



2 thoughts on “August review

  1. beautiful and wonderful borders coming to fruition a few years down the line!

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