Ursula's Cambridge Garden

Professional gardener and plantswoman writing from my small urban garden in a great city



I got the green-fingered bug twenty five years ago.  I am now a freelance gardener, and greatly enjoy the challenges and rewards of tending other people’s gardens on a professional basis as well as my own.



[Top photograph of author by Josiah Williams, author at work photographed by Lyn Alcantara]

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  2. lovely pics here ursula and your style of writing makes it a delight to read i hope this constant rain is not having a damaging effect on the garden

  3. great pics here ursula and your style of writing makes it a delight to read. i hope this constant rain is not having a damaging effect on your garden

    • Hi there Jim! Thanks for visiting the site – I’m glad to have your photographer’s eye approval! Well the rain is certainly a challenge – especially as it is usually dry as a bone here! I promise I’ll be having a day next week having a proper read of all my commenter’s websites at long last – it’s all a bit hectic at the moment dominated by my children’s end of term things. Love Ursula

  4. What beautiful gardens!

  5. i am inspired by your beautiful garden…i wish i was as talented. love dobbo

    • Hi there Dobbo – thank you so much for commenting – it’s very much appreciated! You’re very kind – I think the green-fingered bug sort of grows on you, if you forgive the double pun, and suddenly you can’t live without your precious plants! I don’t know about talent, but its very enjoyable hard work that never feels like work to me. Anyway, watch this space for more – Love Ursula

  6. Promised your dad a long time back that I’d look at your site, Ursula. He thought you might like a comment from your old maths teacher! Sorry for the long delay but have finally had a look and enjoyed the experience, even though I’m not a knowleable gardener. Congratulations!

    • Hi there David, what a surprise and thank you so much for reading! Yes, indeed I remember your maths lessons very well and, although I have turned out to be hopeless as maths, your lesson on Zeno’s paradox has always stayed firmly fixed in my mind! It’s a whole new fun universe of the gardening blog-sphere, but I’m getting used to it. Great to hear from you and very best wishes, Ursula

      • As I have already told your dad, I plead old age for pressing post before checking and leaving an ‘interesting’ spelling of knowledgeable uncorrected! Very flattered that you remember Zeno’s Paradox. I used to use lessons like that to show that carefully following a mathematical argument can be entertaining and fun. Amazing you should remember after what must be around forty years. Best wishes, David

  7. Whoops! Old age again! Around thirty years not forty, but still pretty amazing that you remember!

  8. I’m interested to see you are a garden designer in the making! Are you still a “would be” garden designer or are you now a fully fledged one? I, too, gained a garden design diploma, via a correspondence garden design course, a couple of years ago. I have yet to put it financially into practice! The KLC course always looked good. Are you (did you) enjoying it? I’m keen to compare notes ! 🙂 Oh! And we also just love Cambridge – lucky you!

    • Yes you spotted the ‘in the making’ bit! Well I’ve been a keen gardener since I was 21 but now I want to turn it into a profession. I am still only on the second project of my six project KLC diploma course but I’m really enjoying it. Its good to know you survived the process and I love the look of your latest project of the healing garden. I never realised there was so much to the technical drawing side of things that’s the biggest challenge – but it’s coming along I think. I love your website – I shall be returning the following….kind regards Ursula

      • Nice to hear from you, Ursula! Glad you’re enjoying the course. Being from a scientific background, I did find the drawing aspect quite a challenge, but thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. I still feel as if my drawing ability leaves much to be desired. That maybe comes from doing a correspondence course. What I’ve seen of KLC looks good!

  9. Hi Ursula,

    Great pictures and comments as ever, I loved the blues of the your two new plants. It looks like you have had a drier year than us. I gazed out of the window this morning at our damp garden while listening to the weather forecaster’s ‘ bright everywhere but a few showers in the south’ and wondered whether the city had moved during the night. Our Lucifer was also very vibrant this year and nicely, has been followed up by its smaller orange cousin which we inherited when we bought the house. We have our biggest ever crop of pears on our miniature tree and a couple of weeks ago picked 5 pounds of blackberries out on the hills, so like you we have had a good year for fruit. Our thornless blackberry behaves demurely and throws out well ordered new growth with out any extravagant display and provides exquisitely flavoured fruit. Its still domestic but thorny cousin though has gone beserk, is swamping the rhubarb patch and has designs on the privet hedge which it appears to be conquering from within. Autumn is well on its way now though so maybe itcwill calm down. looking forward to your next instalment, love to all, James

    • Hi James – thanks for reading good to hear of your garden plans as ever! You posted your comment in ‘About’ rather than in my latest post, so I almost didn’t find it! Thanks for reading and commenting it’s greatly appreciated. Happy gardening, Ursula

  10. Hello there just wanted to give two green thumbs up. I love your blog site. I only recently became obsessed with the plant world. I’m retired recently and now having the time of my life .

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