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A grasses border


Yesterday I was tending the new grasses border planted at my clients’ garden – this one features Miscanthus sinensis, Stipa gigantea, Stipa tennuissima and Anemanthele lessoniana, interplanted with Crocosmia ‘Lucifer’, Acanthus spinosa, Phlomis fruticosa and russelinia and Hemerocallis, as well as Tulip ‘Ballerina’ for spring – a fiery border dominated by yellows and oranges and then fading into the straw and tawny shades of grasses in Autumn through to silvery Winter.  And this is how it looked yesterday – above and below.


2 thoughts on “A grasses border

  1. Ursula i tried a couple of times to leave a comment so third time lucky? i have fallen in love again with mopheads and lacecaps after years of neglect they seem to come in so many shades now and of course have wonderful flowers for 3 months which is rare. Have just created a series of raised beds for vegetables the supermarket stuff lacks freshness. Anyway May was threatening to get an allotement and then i would never see her.Worse i would have to get coopted on to the parish council to get one, good gardening wayne

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