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Architectural planting


Today has been a good day gardening for clients who are architects.  The brief for their plantings was – make it contemporary, modern, with plenty of evergreen and seasonal successional interest, with a touch of the exotic without being tender.  So we planted lots of phormiums, acanthus, astelia, euphorbia and mahonia as repeated elements and the results are looking good.  All the plantings are really settling in and getting nice and companionable.

And  a little reminder of what it was like before!

A nice transformation!

2 thoughts on “Architectural planting

  1. I have fallen in love with mopheads and lacecaps again after a long period of neglect.Just built a series of raised beds for vegetables as May was threatening to get an allotement and i would then never see her. Worse i would have to be co-opted onto the parish council to get it. All the best Wayne

    • Ah yes – much nicer to have your own vegetables than an allotment – they are rather remote all that trudging there and back. Hydrangeas are lovely and so much tougher than people suppose! Thanks for reading as ever, best wishes Ursula

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