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Not the Chelsea Flower Show!



I’ve not been to Chelsea Flower Show this year, because I am far too busy gardening for clients, but there is still much to report, even though I’m not writing up about an 8am arrival on first Members’ day, as I was last year!


Everything in the garden is racing back into full-speed-ahead mode now it is May!

My Libertia has finally flowered after three years of waiting and I have a new Phormium and Yukka, seen here all together in my pot section.


And of course it’s Iris and Aquilegia time of year again – always such a delight…



And finally my dear cat kept digging up all my ferns in my shade bed, so I decided to plant them all in pots, and I am rather pleased with the effect.  Happy gardening till  next time!



3 thoughts on “Not the Chelsea Flower Show!

  1. A great fruit blossoming year,no wind and steady sunshine.lost one of my Italian cypresses to spider mite destroying the symmetry of the entrance.the garden started horizontal and now becoming vertical one can never keep to the rules.liked your photos.i see the garden as a substitute for the gym now.what better way to go than trowel in hand on ones right angled knees.star of Bethlehem is a lovely late spring bulb as a carpet effect.what a great name.clients! Good luck wayne.

  2. Ursula, what a wonderful transformation to all your clients` gardens .I hear all about your efforts and ideas, but I am most impressed by your glorious photographs of the results of your work and ideas. I almost wish that I was starting my own garden from scratch. Love Mum

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