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God rest you merry, gardeners



And so this is Christmas…



Well, I’ve been away from my blog for quite a while, very remiss I know, and obviously my first New Year’s Resolution of 2015 will be to post more regularly, on the first of each month ideally.

But first to fill you in on some developments…

In October there was a lot of bulb planting in my garden – especially tulips in assorted creams, whites, purples and lilacs.  I have always wanted to grow Tulipa ‘Spring Green’ so finally got around to planting that little gem of cream and green delight for next spring.



Euphorbia characias wulfenii  was moved from my front garden to the back garden, as I had stupidly planted three in the front, where one was far big enough by itself.  The removed one is looking happy enough in its new home and helps fill out my south-facing back garden border.


I had a bumper crop of figs – I actually ate about twenty of my own home-grown figs for the first time ever.  They tasted great (Brown Turkey) and looked rather lovely too.


And the Quince tree performed very well as well.


I am looking forward to my new Sarcococco ruscifolia ‘Dragon Gate’ doing its thing in January with the lovely cheering scent I have been reading about – newly planted at my front door.  A variety selected by the great Roy Lancaster on his travels.


Merry Christmas and a very Happy gardening 2015.

6 thoughts on “God rest you merry, gardeners

  1. Dear Ursula, just picked up latest blog. The Feline Angel is wonderful, I must have a closer look when we are next over. As the non-gardener I will leave Mummy to post her comments later and content myself with , hopefully , getting in before Wayne! Dad

  2. Christmas cheer indeed Ursula! All my family have now departed and I have got time to look again at your blog. You suggested the Euphorbia characias wulfenii for my garden and they look very magestic at this time of the year. You also suggested and planted Sarcococca in my dense shade border. I look forward to its scent this month. I also took your advice about Christmas presents and bought a pair of Felco secateurs. Enjoy Garden planning in 2015. Mum.

  3. Dear Ma thanks so much for commenting! The Sarcococca are indeed smelling beautiful….Love Ursula

  4. Just returned from mexico did you know there are 3 types of mangrove….our hotel bordered a swamp with the occasional crocodile to liven up the sunbathers.Iguana were common.Gardening in wintry england was far from my thoughts but your blog now gives me some more ideas.My first blossom will be the flowering apricot but my main worry is some fungus affecting the lawn.Repair but not dispair.I am very far behind ….new year greetings wayne

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