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Autumn structure against a striking background

Today I have been tending plantings at my Architect clients.  The very contemporary plantings, with lots of very strong shapes and sharp evergreen silhouettes, designed to look good all year round, is now beautifully off-set by the new wooden cladding on the studio, in natural wood and black.

The concrete planters are looking good with the glaucous green of Euphorbia ‘Humpty Dumpty’ and Sage making a nice foil to the grey of the concrete.



Autumn colour glories

Autumn really is in full swing now – as seen above as my Client’s beech hedge glows golden yellow in the sunshine yesterday.

Lace-cap hydrangeas give wonderful shows at the moment as well…

And Hawthorn berries are spectacularly red

A newly planted section of a shady north-facing bed at another Client’s garden features the wonderfully names Brunnera macrophylla ‘Looking Glass’ which has a wonderfully icy wintery feel about it…

Meanwhile the new bed at another Client’s garden is complete, following the line of stepping stones at last.

And the box spheres at another Client’s garden are looking ready for a dusting of frost, after a huge cut back in June.  Roll on winter then…

Happy November gardening!

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Six months work can make a big difference…

This is how my one of my Client’s garden was when I arrived and started work in April this year – overgrown and neglected borders with unsupported young trees struggling to survive, and soil that was in very poor condition having had no nutrients for six years.  Everything was very sad and dishevelled and crying out for some proper ‘tlc’.

Six months on, and a lot of hard weekly work later, and we now have an ordered bed.  Trees are now properly staked and supported, the soil is massively improvement, worthy shrubs have been retained and pruned, weeds and general detritis and failing plants have been removed, and a mass of new planting has been carefully planted up, including many ornamental grasses and good hard-working perennials like japanese anemones, hellebores, hardy geraniums, persicaria and verbena bonariensis.  It’s beginning to look like a real garden at last…..